All-In-One SDK

Enhance user engagement by adding real-time communication to your web and mobile apps. on github


Easily customize multi-view layout and composition for your app or website UI/UX


Scalable multiparty video. One-to-one or many-to-many, we’ve got you covered!


Secure communications using industry standard protocols including SRTP, TLS, and HTTPS

Built for developers

Easy integration without dealing with the complexity of real time communication technologies.

Easy Integration

Embed communication features in your app without dealing with the complex structure of real time communication technologies.

Pay As You Go

Avoid the hardware and software costs. Pay for the real usage without long term commitments.


Always up-to-date, bug-free and optimized for performance. We are working very hard to keep sustainable and reliable.



You can implement your own authentication flow and prevent unauthorized users from joining your meeting rooms.

Sub-Level Rooms

Create unlimited number of sub-level rooms and add them to your website. They can also be accessible publicly if you need.

Lock Rooms

Lock your meeting rooms if you are in a private conversation. Let people knock the door before they join your meeting room.

Screen Sharing

Switch to screen sharing and share your specific screen, app or browser tab.

In App Messages

Send text messages while continuing the video chat without any interruption.

Media Messaging

Record and send audio or video messages right in the message box with a smooth UI.

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